Top Rated

Top Rated AudioAudio is defined as sound that is capable of being heard. Top rated audio companies like BOSE, Sony, iPod, Vizio, and Panasonic all work to take that definition a step further. In fact, top rated audio companies try to make the sound that is heard as clear and crisp as possible.

Bose is one top rated audio company that has made it their company mission to bring better audio sound heard through research. Bose is a leading audio company that makes Wave systems, headphones and headsets, home theater systems, audio sound docks for iPods, computer speakers, and stereo speakers. The Bose Wave audio system is their top rated audio product which features life-like audio in a compact contemporary design. The Bose Wave delivers award-winning audio with impressive lows for its size. The breadth of Bose research stretches from top rated audio products to automotive audio systems, products for musicians and pilots, professional sound, military applications, and building construction solutions.

Sony has been a household name in top rated audio electronics for some time now. Sony offers many products that span the gamut of the entertainment world. Some of the top rated audio products Sony offers include car audio systems, home theater sound systems, broadcast quality audio recording equipment, and mp3 personal audio devices.

Compared to Sony, iPod is relatively new on the audio scene, but many people have heard iPod grow to the best known mp3 personal audio devices around.iPod is very popular in the audio market and has several top rated audio products available.iPod was designed by Apple with their first product release, the iPod Classic in 2001. Other popular offerings from this top rated audio company include the iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod touch.

Vizio and Panasonic are two more top rated audio companies putting out sound heard in many homes across the country. Both Vizio and Panasonic specialize in home television theater audio systems and surround sound.